OLPH is hosting the "Memorial for the Unborn Child"

04-30-2017From the PastorFr. Michael Straley


We have been asked by the diocese to host the "Memorial for the Unborn Child" for the next two weeks. This sculpture will be in our church for the first week and in the Capilla for the second week. The sculpture is described as portraying a "beautiful equilibrium between pain and love, between the agony of the mother and the consolation of the child; between her repentance and his forgiveness." The message of the artist is: "Mother, please do not cry anymore, look at me, I am here. From heaven, I will be able to love you and do for you what I was unable to do on earth."  

The object of this visit is to spread the message of reconciliation and forgiveness to all people, including matrimonies, and families whom have gone through the unfortunate experience of abortion. We are all asked to pray for one another within our community so that we may support each other and show a charitable heart toward others, including families whom have suffered the consequences of abortion.   We are asked to pray the Holy Rosary and/or the Divine Mercy. You may also want to make a Holy Hour for reparation of abortion.  

  • En la misericordia de Dios,
  • Padre Mike