Thank you for your generosity!

06-28-2015Fr. Michael Straley


June marks the end of our fiscal year (financial year) and usually the end of many of our regular activities. What a great way to end this year--with the ordination of one of our own sons, Father Fernando Camou.

Our Finance Council and Parish Council have both approved our budget for next year. On the surface it looks bad, with a $37,700 deficit; however, this includes some capital expenses that I talked about in my letter last week. We have been saving for these so we have the money already.

As I have mentioned before, I prefer not to keep asking you for second collections to do the work we need to upgrade our parish. Rather, I trust in your generosity in giving thanks to our God with your tithe. By being careful with our expenses we have been able in the past to save some money to do the work we need done.

Thank you for your faithful generosity; God has indeed blessed us and our response to our God shows our trust that He will continue to bless us.

Fr. Mike