Five key points to consider during Lent

03-01-2015Fr. Michael Straley


As we continue our Lenten journey, I hope that you are truly growing in relationship with the God who loves you...even to death. Are you prepared to go all the way with Jesus, through His Passion and Death to reach the promised Resurrection?

I wanted to share with you five key points that Bishop Olmsted recently gave us to consider; I shared these in a homily Ash Wednesday but I think they are important enough for you to have in writing. Bishop asked us to keep these five points in our minds and in our hearts, and they are great to guide us this Lent.

  1. Jesus and His disciples serve the poor. Serve is the important word here, calling us to be servants.
  2. Followers of Jesus live as though the Truth were true. That sounds obvious but think of all of the times we hear that things (Truth) depend on the situation.
  3. Jesus' body, the Church, works for peace and reconciliation. Especially in Lent we need to emphasize reconciliation.
  4. The Church proclaims God's plan for Marriage and family life. Of course, the key here is "God's plan" not some politician's.
  5. Christians are always seeking new and better ways to tell the Good News of Jesus, especially to youth and the elderly.

If we keep these in mind, I believe that we will find ourselves closer to our God, the God who loves us.

I hope you have a Holy Lent.


Fr. Mike