Our Holy Father, fully and faithfully Catholic

10-04-2015Fr. Mike Straley


With the Holy Father’s visit to the United States, I often heard people say, “I’m not Catholic but I really like Pope Francis,” or “I really admire Pope Francis even though I am not Catholic.” I always wonder what they mean. Do they mean that I like him or admire him because he says things I like or agree with?

What about when he says something that they don’t agree with? I heard Catholic congressmen say they were not going to the session in Congress when the Pope spoke because they didn’t want to hear his political views. They say he is too political. That’s funny, because that is just what the Pharisees said about Jesus! I guess that puts the Pope in good company.

Our Holy Father is fully and faithfully Catholic. When asked on the plane from Cuba to the United States he answered, “Would you like me to proclaim the Creed to you? I say it every Sunday.” Pope Francis reminds us that the Catholic Church is bigger that any of us understands; it is traditional, doctrinal, and pastoral. The Holy Spirit seems to give us popes that emphasize whatever aspect of this great Church that needs to be emphasized at the time.


Fr. Mike